TDC#167 The Trace Pace Touring Plan Finale!


Last week, on a super exciting cliff hanger of an episode, Lisa got some kind of bad news just upon entering “..small world”. What could it be?! Would our heroes be able to finish their commando Touring Plans Challenge??

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TDC#81 Return to TTNS (with pics!)

HEAR the surprise when they discover the Noodle Terrace is open for business!

FEEL the thrill when Extra Special 3-D Theming is discovered!

SEE it all in lifelike One Dimensional Tiny Pictures!


While Cat #2 and a certain Disney Dude are cruising the high seas, and Cat #1 is preparing to leave for the Non-MFer, we give you this blast from the past….. with a little help from the evil Maggie. And to celebrate the holiday season, let’s listen to a little David Sedaris. Enjoy!

TDC#56 Name That Earworm!!!


Earworm in captivity - DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO ITS EYES!!!!

Momentarily inspired by Cat#2’s latest podcast earworm, the Cats did a little research and attempt to discuss all things Earworm! Then we revisit the poetry corner and hear from the former Poet Laureate of the United States, Billy Collins (whose spoken word CDs are fabulous!)  entitled “More Than a Woman” – yes, he means the song. Earworm! You’re welcome

He also offers a “cure” for earworms at the end of the show. If Mr. Collins’ suggestion do not help you, try this.

A special shout out here on the blog to listener Michelle who lives in the big northern mitten (that would be Michigan). She spotted the following treasure on sale and sent it into the Cats – he talks!!!!!!!!


And can you identify any of the (I counted) 16 song snippets in this show (I counted separated tunes as separate entities)?  Lordy…. I hope I counted that right….. 😉

TDC#34 – (Disney) Resolutions for the New Year


Happy 2009, Everybody! On this weeks show, you will hear from some of our friends at the Mega Mouse Meet from Mousefest 2008 and The Cats discuss their Disney Do’s and Don’ts for the upcoming year! Enjoy!

Audio you’ll hear includes words of wisdom from:


TDC#19 – DisFriends- We hardly knew ye!

Parting is such sweet sorrow…. But, alas, poor listeners, DisFriends is indeed closing it’s doors this October! Those Darn Cats are left to ponder the question: Where do we go from here? Both Cats have been suffering from SNF (Social Network Fatigue), but Lisa went and Plurked the Cats (Come find us!!!).

Oh, The Cats got YOUR flair, right here, buddy!

And, where can Jen find a decent pair of shorts? I guess NOT in Adventureland, that’s for sure… They had NO TDC’s logo apparel – can you imagine?  We should have been looking here—————>
or here! Anything you would like to see with a big, giant TDC logo on it? Let us know! Like Mike Newell, we aim to please!!

We’d like to send a GIANT thanks, as per usual, to the introductory music stylings of one Jeff W and especially to thank “Trentino” for all his hard work, and hope to be seeing him this year at MouseFest 08 and on into the future! As per usual, this will all make sense, after you listen!