TDC# 187 Jeff and Colleen Roney from OUATFPodcast

This weeks show brings an interesting interview with Jeff and Colleen Roney, husband and wife AND podcast co-hosts for the very popular and uber-OUAT-geeky Once Upon A Time Fan Podcast, all about, of course, ABC’s Once Upon A Time. Follow the links above for all the info!

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TDC#180 The Random Episode

walter, a manly muppet, going for a ride in my car. how’s that for random?

This weeks show brings random discussion and reveals that, yes, Cat #2 is a flamer. Le sigh. Information you might want to follow up on include –

And again, we will be taking a bye the week of 12/28/2011.

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TDC#162 Cat Medley


It’s a Those Darn Cats cornucopia of goodness! It’s all here this week!

And more!!

*Also – please note we will be on hiatus for 2 weeks in August (the weeks of August 10th &17th) – but find us back here on August 24th!

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TDC #58 Happy Birthday, Donald!

Donald’s Birthday is being celebrated all over the place, even on Those Darn Cats! We begin with a little project we’ve been working on for a while – who says we’ve all had enough with all the Disney podcasts? Certainly not Cats 1 & 2!  In our discussion segment, we are joined by the Whatchamacallit in discussing Donald’s 75th.  In the podcast, you might also hear about:

So tell us, are YOU a Donald fan? Perhaps just a Duck fan in general? Do you think any Disney characters attract a certain….. “type”? If so, we’d LOVE to hear about it!!!!!

TDC#54 Go With the Flow…

OK, try and keep up….Cat #2 went to see Jai Pausch speak in Virginia Beach. She got to meet her pal Airdrie, of the Lipgloss and Laptops podcast, in personwhen Airdrie came to visit and hear Jai speak. They also visited Dumbo in Washington DC. Catch “The Last Lecture” here.
photo credit: talkingtoair
photo credit: talkingtoair


photo credit: talkingtoair
photo credit: talkingtoair


photo credit: talkingtoair

photo credit: talkingtoair



    Airdrie and Jai


 Then we talk about The Jackson 5, self exams (parts is parts), Star Trek, dreams come true, and how long Disney’s anniversaries last.

Check out:

Cat #1 and the Whatchamacallit at AnimeCon


Oh, and Mamie is home and doing well! 🙂

TDC#49 – Pintastic!

Welcome to show number 49! We are most fortunate to be joined by Pin Guy Extraordinaire John Rick of The Disney Pincast, Celebrations magazine and Central Jersey Pin Traders. We discuss Kim Possible pins, general pin trading topics and a mysterious little fellow named Bobby Pinback…..

unknown lil' cutie holding a Bobby plushie

unknown lil' cutie holding a Bobby plushie

Then we recall a time when Cat #1 had lots and lots of fun…

Be vewy vewy quiet.... We playing pin bingo....

Be vewy vewy quiet.... We playing pin bingo....

We also mention:

And, side note, Cat#2 came home with a few cool new pins after Tracefest (though her Rufus pin went 101 on Main street)…


TDCs #38 – Cruisefest – part deux!!












The Flat Cats enjoy an adult beverage at the Diversions Lounge on the Wonder

The final tidbits from last years Mousefest Cruise are here for your listening enjoyment! You will also hear from a few of the following folks –
  • Don – Duck Addict – he answers a question from the Mega Mouse Meet! 

    Sorry Steve, Don was the ORIGINAL Girl's Ride Out Crossdresser...


  • Big Brian gives us a little station identification
  • Tairy Rich, from Little Red’s Writing Hood and the Disney Tidbits – Did You Know? podcasts, tells us about a new charitable endeavor she is embarking on – and contributes to the poetry corner!

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I thought only canines begged…

tink1   but Kitty Kats can too!!!!

Consider, if you will, sending an email over to the boys at AATM at: or alternatively welovelisa’ – to wit:

Christmas Carol Contest
 Then email us at to cast your vote for the best Christmas Carol….. 
All votes must be cast by Monday January 5th and the winner will be announced on our January 9th show, episode 91.
Click on this link to hear the competition… do NOT be swayed by the musical stylings of one Big Brian, however!  He can be quite spellbinding!

TDC#27: Listener Feedback

It’s our second listener feedback show! This week we read some letters, talk to the Watchamacallit about High School Musical 3, announce a third Those Darn Cats MouseFest Meet, and throw in a couple classic Disneyland radio ads.

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After listening to the Watchamacallit’s comments, you can be sure that Jennifer’s gonna go to the HSM3 pep rally at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during MouseFest, so that he doesn’t have to suffer through attending it with her next time they’re at WDW together!

And hey Jon: Jennifer forgot to say that no, she’s never seen Where the Red Fern Grows…. but now she knows not to! (Hey Lisa, have you seen it?) And she couldn’t find a picture of the tiny little people from Mulholland Drive…but please trust her, they are super creepy!