TDC#305 When Your Phone Game Ends….What Next?


Lisa is stuck on the topic of endings – specifically all her free Disney game apps. While discussing, we meander. The best part of the discussion is either that we premonitioned this or that Jennifer sent a naked avatar to a work function on Second Life (where Lisa thinks her avatar is still stuck flying over stuff and never found land) (but was clothed).


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TDC#275 The New Mickey Cartoons and @$*&! MDE

This week we talk the new Disney Mickey shorts, thanks to the suggestion of friend Grim Noir. Then we share our recent experiences with My Disney Experience. Hope to see some of you at the “F the (Old) Main Street Bakery (and the Coffee Mate Too)” meet on Saturday, December 7th at 2pm – first 5 get a coffee beverage from TDC and we’ve no idea what to do if you show up covered in tinfoil.

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TDC#223 Haters (Us) Gonna Hate

So, yeah, this week the Cats are a wee bit cranky, so bear with us, OK? Whether it is the dental hygienist, the incessant happy tweeters or people that own intact Olszewski Alice miniature, well, we have ire for you this week. Here’s just some of our topics:

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*see you at Reunion 2012!!!!