TDC#334 True Disney Crime In Texas

T23 DLT Map

This week, The Cats are discussing a recent Disney related swindle that ended up in Federal Court – the true Disney Fan would have immediately spotted the LIES!!!!

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TDC#295 May The Fourth


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This week, we discuss breaking Star Wars news and thoughts about the rumored runDisney SWW event.

Also, I (Lisa) had this show all ready so I posted it, I might be off on the schedule in the next week or so? Thanks for all the warm thoughts and virtual hugs. Greatly appreciated.

TDC #108 The Dish on Club 33

This weeks show is a recounting of the sights, sounds and mysteries of Disneyland’s Club 33, with enhanced podcast-o-vision (TM). A few highlights –



* not the ACTUAL club 33 feminine napkin, but an incredible simulation

And, for your further viewing plaesue, a few moments of video of “the Scary Bird” in it’s natural habitat –

You can find other links to info about Club 33 here or on here. Thanks again to friend of the show, Paul Barrie, Elder Statesman of Disney Podcasts, at Window to the Magic. If you listen to his show, find out about his efforts for a wholly listener sponsored podcast on his site.

TDC#13 – Have you heard the one about….


Rumours! We got rumours! And they’re not ALL about Walt Disney’s head! Make sense? It will after you download and listen to this week’s episode of Those Darn Cats! This week, The Cats discuss Disney rumours of every ilk – from the actually true to the incredibly outlandish. Some of our conformational/debunking facts can be found at

So, how much do YOU know about the Haunted Mansion? Did you know the Manson Family/Tate murders occurred the same day that HM opened? Has anyone REALLY died on Disney property? Why was Harlan Ellison fired from Disney? And, are the utilidors used for nefarious purposes? YOU tell ME!!!!

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