TDC #148: Touring Plans and Lines


Trace: A Disney Dude For Sure!

Jennifer loves to talk about Touring Plans and Lines! So even though our good friends in TestaVille (aka the website of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World) could speak much more eloquently on the topic, when Trace had a few questions about how to use these products to squeeze the maximum number of attractions into a single August day at the Magic Kingdom, we just went with it.

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While you’re at it, check out TDC 90, featuring Lines developer Henry Work.

And about those badges? Jennifer’s still a relative neophyte on Lines, but she sure is proud of her Nowhere in Particular badge. Here are her current stats and chats on the Lines app, where she’s known by the user name “kitty-chan.”

Jennifer's badges on Lines

Jennifer's badges on Lines (click the image for a larger version)


TDC#19 – DisFriends- We hardly knew ye!

Parting is such sweet sorrow…. But, alas, poor listeners, DisFriends is indeed closing it’s doors this October! Those Darn Cats are left to ponder the question: Where do we go from here? Both Cats have been suffering from SNF (Social Network Fatigue), but Lisa went and Plurked the Cats (Come find us!!!).

Oh, The Cats got YOUR flair, right here, buddy!

And, where can Jen find a decent pair of shorts? I guess NOT in Adventureland, that’s for sure… They had NO TDC’s logo apparel – can you imagine?  We should have been looking here—————>
or here! Anything you would like to see with a big, giant TDC logo on it? Let us know! Like Mike Newell, we aim to please!!

We’d like to send a GIANT thanks, as per usual, to the introductory music stylings of one Jeff W and especially to thank “Trentino” for all his hard work, and hope to be seeing him this year at MouseFest 08 and on into the future! As per usual, this will all make sense, after you listen!