TDC#135 A Book Club Begins & Those Darn VoiceMails!

Welcome back, fearless listeners! This weeks show contains a backlog of (some time sensitive-oops!) voicemails AND information about our book club project!

There is something fresh about the first novel from Canadian born Bay Area resident Cory Doctorow. Following on from his most obvious predecessor — the one all reviewers will be citing, Bruce Sterling — he has delivered in Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom the kind of science fiction novel that the band They Might Be Giants would have written if they’d OD’d on old cyberpunk novels and back issues of Theme Park Monthly. It’s cool, it’s hip, and it’s fun — but more importantly, it’s about something.

Locus MagazineDecember 2002Issue 503Vol. 49, No. 6

Can you see why this would be a Cat #1 favorite?

We are re-/reading “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom” by Cory Doctorow (and stalking him on twitter, natch*) – and plan to discuss sometime in March. This sci-fi/futuristic/Disney manifesto is a must read for all Disney geeks out there and if you haven’t already made yourself familiar, now is the time – now is the BEST time! Mr. Doctorow has even made this easier by providing about 8,000,000 ways to enjoy this tome in multiple formats. Go here to see the exhaustive list from the man himself.

*Cory was in WDW about a week ago, and Trace tweeted a picture of my copy of DAOITMK to which I added we are doing a book club ——>

He has an Android. Jennifer will be so happy!

Wedding Webcast Info:
Trace and Lisa are webcasting their wedding ceremony. If you want to check it out – LIVE!- heres what you need to do!

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ok – NOW i am shamelessly begging for any and all tracks anybody has of “minnie’s yoohoo” – you know the song people! i’m good at a lot of things, but apparently the whole musical track thing is beyond me. sadly, all i can do is iiTunes – don’t throw things! soooooooo – any and all mp3s any one wants to share or not share – that’s probably illegal or something – email me!! 😉


thanks guys! all your support ROCKS!

a cry for help in the night!!

ok. so jenn and i want to do our own little show and we’ve begun to master some simple audacity and skype tasks to do this and make our recording quality at least passable. i’m doing more reading, both online and at the library nearby (yay george!), but i am still feeling a bit like some of the recording/mixing equipment is a bit over my head computer wise.

now, it is integral to the success of our project that jennifer not be saddled with every computer savvy requirement of putting out a podcast. and i have a real interest in shaping and contributing to the sound and format of any show we put out.

so my question is this: what type of equipment are people using? what type of programs? i know our old friend dan! is at this very moment practically matrixed into his apartment and massive mac based system that verily pulses with its own life force. so maybe, uh dan!, not so much!! but anybody else, with a more homespun approach? i’ve got a sony vaio laptop (no derogatory mac user comments, please! 🙂 ), and some spare change. but though i’m sort of a techie in that i do like gadgets and am very plugged in”, i’m no code monkey.

suggestions? thoughts? bueller?