TDC#127 The New Disney Stores

magic ahead!

This weeks show, taped prior to the beginning of the World Series (yes, that does play a part), is a discussion about the new Disney tores opening around the country and the Dallas location that Lisa and Trace will be visiting the following weekend… and then visiting and revisiting and visiting some more…. oh – and the Giants won!!

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other stores joined in the disney theme too


TDC#73: The Fest That Dare Not Speak Its Name!!

Those-Darn-Cats-LG-LogoThis week, we are joined by The Skurvy Monkeys AND The Disney Dudes to talk about, well, you know what we mean, we just can’t actually SAY it…. but we are all just sure that this December will bring plenty of good, clean fun and festing for all the fans of the Mouse – especially since it sounds like both Cats will be in the hizz-ouse! This rambling round table goes off topic AND off color, we are counting on the Monkeys of course to do what they will with the “uncensored” version…

So what IS going on this December? Well…

We are sure there are TONS more – what will YOU be doing in the parks?  Up for a meet up or three? In addition to stalking Matt Hochberg and joining in on the many planned and spontaneous get-togethers sure to develop, tentative TDC plans may include:

  • 12/10 Yehaa Bob Sing Along
  • 12/11 am Segway Tour
  • There must be a time for the THIRD annual Girl’s Ride Out!

2007_12090010                            2008_12140135

TDC #52 Beaches and Cream!

Welcome to episode 52! This week, we discuss Cat #2’s recent visit to Beaches and Cream with Trace and me old(e) china plate, Karen from Ye Olde England-e.

CM Brad so totally rocks! Dude!

CM Brad so totally rocks! Dude!

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We discuss Magic Meets, last year’s side trip to Hershey’s Chocolate World (the cows are Olympia, Gabby and Harmony – and thankfully NOT Crispy). Shockingly, we wander a bit off topic and discuss some favorite childhood treats! 

yummy! yummy! yummy! yummy!

yummy! yummy! yummy! yummy!

crazy delicious!

crazy delicious!



We then hear a little “vintage” Disneyland audio, including what is listed as “Disneyland’s ‘Blast from the Past'” parade. This is what I found of corresponding name and date on youtube:

This video, clearly not the parade in its entirety, contains very little of the audio in the “official” recording we’ve included on this week’s show. The audio is intriguing as I am trying to imagine what characters are doing in some of these scenes. The video seems to show some of those characters I imagined on floats doing numbers running along before and after floats (note to DL parade developers: put the CHARACTERS on the floats, not the weird people dressed up like musical notes. hello??). Anyways, who knew there were Disney parades featuring the Three Stooges?

Also, The Disney Feud starts up this week – check out the Cats along with the Whatchamacallit and Mr. Matthew Hochberg next week! And you can find that Disney Dudes show here!

So, come on along now!

TDC 39: The Disney Store: Threat or Menace?

Yes yes yes, sometimes Lisa can’t resist a little Tinkerbell fix, or Jennifer needs to be surrounded by Stitch and Nemo plushies. But we’re not so sure we really like the Disney Store sometimes.

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Jennifer couldn’t even resist going to The Disney Store in London, a point of which she’s not sure whether she’s proud or ashamed.

Donald at The Disney Store, London

Woot! Donald in London!

Don't these Fairies look a bit more European than we'd see in the US?

Don't these Fairies look a bit more European than we'd see in the US?

We also enjoy a little trip on the Monorail, and Lisa and Disney Dude Trace share some romantic Walt Disney World tips, in honor of this coming Saturday’s special occasion. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!