TDC# 172 Tips for Club 33 and “Marceline”

"c" is for "cookie" AND "club 33" - and that's good enough for me!

This week’s show finds Lisa telling us all about how to dress (no swimwear), behave (no cursing) and enjoy Disneyland’s Club 33 (get lots of sparkly cookies!). You can find our review of a past visit to Club 33 here.

We are also sharing information on the documentary “Marceline” from independent filmmakers Andy & Sara Neitzert. We will be talking with them in an upcoming show about their documentary, but in the meantime YOU can help these filmmakers get their film submitted to film festivals around the country – and helping them to secure distribution assistance so more people can see this great slice of americana – by spreading the word about “Marceline” via social media and donating a buck or two to the cause. TDC# 21 featured Toonfest in Marceline the year Andy & Sara were finishing the documentary.

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TDC #21- ToonFest 2008 featuring special guest host, Myra Katz


courtesy of Disney Podcast International, "This American Walt" host, Myra Katz

Lisa has returned from her ToonFest adventure last week and has tons of audio to share with you all – thankfully, Myra Katz, from the radio show “This American Walt” (published by Disney Podcast International) is on hand to open and close the show.

This episode is quite long, but honestly, there was a WEALTH of audio material gathered that we wanted to share. We think some of the pics below will clarify this weeks story….

 2008 09210005 2008 09210014 First, our intrepid group meets up to review the cataclysmic glory that is T-Rex – coming soon to Downtown Disney! We scored the “top secret” insider fact sheet shown here:



Next, our travelers meet for breakfast in Marceline and await the 10 o’clock parade!

2008 09210040

2008 09210053

Tour Guide Trace, Wayne!, Head Banger Doug and Andie (the girl) We visited the Disney Homestead, the Dreaming Tree and Walt's Barn, where Lisa marked some kitty territory... Later that afternoon, whilst enjoying brats and beer at the Knights of Columbus tent, Lisa interviews Jeff W. of Snowy Tundra Training, who has an excellent trip report about the Marceline experience on his blog, as well as a great video of the aforementioned 10 o'clock parade (and Lisa's arms flapping like a chicken)."Walt" and "Clem" at the Dreaming Tree

     That evening, our group was fortunate to attend the 2008 “Plantear” Tree Planting Ceremony at the Dreaming tree on the Disney Homestead Property. 


The Mistress of Ceremonies was Kaye Malin, who introduces artist Dale Varner, who dedicated his Disneyland Model to the Walt Disney Museum. 



2008 09210188

2008 09210202


2008 09210210

Jeff W. inspects the Disneyland model for crates.

2008 09210199

2008 092102042008 09210207

2008 09210193

Inez at the Walt Disney Museum (she remembers Trace...)

Next, you will hear remarks from Chris Taylor, a long time Marceline resident and Disney/Malin Family neighbor. And one of the Disney Ambassadors, Sarah Bishop (I hope I spelled that correctly) was on hand to dedicate “The Son of the Dreaming Tree”, a sapling grown with soil and water from the World! 




2008 09210245

2008 09210259

2008 09210279

Artist and Filmmaker Michael Jantze doodling on Walt's Barn

2008 09210253

This audio love letter to Marceline concludes with the group chowing down at the local mexican joint and finding out more about what inspired documentarians Andy N (the boy) and Sara, his fiancée, to start a project about Marceline.

Special thanks to the whole ToonFest group: Trace, Wayne, Doug, Andie (the girl), Heather (the hostess with the mostess – and a bitchin’ Tiki Room in the basement of her house!), Mike and Sherry, Jeff W. and Inez at the Museum and all the folks of Marceline for welcoming us – and even whipping up a few “Dusty Millers” sunday afternoon!


Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen! Ahhhhh, to be young again…. OK, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, it’s Those Darn Cats!

First up, we talk with Trace Jennings, a previous guest, Lisa’a ToonFest partner and President of The Chapter In-Between out of DFW about the NFFC, the National Fantasy Fan Club, a national organization of Disney enthusiasts. Lisa wants to start a Virginia chapter, so if you live in the Commonwealth and have $29 – email her at: or and let’s talk!


Here are a few pics from this past weekends NFFC/Capter In-Between meeting out of DFW:

Trace's Local Chapter Member of the Year certificate!

can you identify the man in blue?

NFFC In-Betweeners treasure hunting!


Then Jennifer gets in the Meow Mix with Disney Fan Chris Nolin. Chris recommends some great Disney reads, perhaps a little off the beaten path:

And you may even hear Bette Midler get a little unruly! OK, maybe that has more to do with Lisa’s editing skills, but, after you listen, you’ll know what I mean!! Thanks for listening and Happy Back to School!

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All Roads Lead to Marceline

I hear the theming for Toonfest this September is AWESOME!!!


photo credit: Jeff W.

More Tracefest, err…,Toonfest – Saturday, September 20th – info (courtesy of Walt’s Homeboy):

In 1938, Walt Disney wrote, “More things of importance happened to me in Marceline than have happened since–or are likely to in the future.” On the third Saturday of each September since 1999, Toonfest has taken place in the town that inspired Main Steet, U.S.A. in the Disney Theme Parks around the world.

Each year, Marceline, missouri, Walt Disney’s boyhood hometown, host internationally acclaimed cartoonists durning Walt Disney’s Hometown Toonfest.

For a complete Schedule of Events visit the Toonfest website:

 Areas of Interest:

Walt’s Barn – By his own account, Walt’s happiest childhood memories were of his time in Marceline and the family farm there. Walt and his sister Ruth spent many happy hours playing in the Barn. Visitors from all over the world have come to Marceline to spend time at “Walt’s Happy Place”, located in its original place on the Disney family’s old farm in Marceline. Visit this very special Barn, which was rebuilt by volunteers in 2001, and leave your mark among the thousands of signatures, messages and memories already there to share with the rest of the world. There’s no doubt about it, when you come to this Barn, you’ll feel a special heart connection to Walt.

The Dreaming Tree – The large cottonwood tree still stands where Walt and Ruth played and waded in the spring that ran at its base. Daydreaming under this tree, a young Walt would observe the nature surrounding him. He later called these adventures “belly botany” and drew from these moments in his early works. He apparently never outgrew his need for inspiration from his favorite spot. On trips back to Marceline, Walt always put aside time for reflection beneath it, spending hours alone with his thoughts, back under his Dreaming Tree. The tree still stands today and visitors are welcome to sit beneath it. Enjoy sitting in the same spot that Walt himself sat while you experience your own belly botany, gather inspiration or just imagine what it must have felt like for Walt.

Main Street USA – Walt made the decision that every visitor to Disneyland would walk down Main Street USA, inspired by his hometown of Marceline, Missouri. Today, you can shop at Murray’s Department store, at the same location for over 100 years (and also the store where Walt purchased his first pair of engineer overalls), and visit other quaint shops on the “original” Main Street USA. Have lunch in the same building Elias Disney served an oyster dinner to local farmers in hopes of organizing them into a union. Stroll past the Zurcher building and see the original Coke mural that inspired Coke Corner at Disneyland. See specially designed street signs that were personally dedicated by Mickey Mouse.

EP Ripley Park – In 1898, the Santa Fe Railroad donated land to the City of Marceline for a park that was named after the president of the railroad, E.P. Ripley. It soon became the pride of the community and a favorite meeting spot. Walt Disney was powerfully influenced by the railroad and named one the first steam locomotive to operate at Disneyland, the E.P. Ripley (it was also said to be his favorite). The Gazebo, located in Ripley Park was built in 1898 and is where the traditional Sunday concerts took place. The Disney family would often attend the band concerts at the Gazebo. Flora Disney would spread a quilt and the family would spend the afternoon visiting friends and listening to music. Sometimes Elias Disney would join in with his fiddle. Today, the traditions of meeting with family and friends at Ripley park continues. Also located in the Park is the static display of an original Santa Fe 2546 steam locomotive, which Walt had painted as the Santa Fe & Disneyland RR locomotive on one of his return visits to Marceline.

Walt Disney Post Office – In 1968, the US Postal Department issued the Walt Disney commemorative stamp from this site. The entire Disney family was in attendance along with thousands of Disney fans. On August 23, 2004, the US Post Office was officially renamed the Walt Disney Post Office and it is the only federal building named after Walt Disney. I expect postcards, people.

Uptown Theater – Located in the heart of downtown Marceline on Main Street USA, this theater has been in continuous operation since 1930 and has hosted two Disney film premiers: The Great Locomotive Chase in 1956 hosted by Walt and Roy Disney. Walt personally addressed the children in the audience telling them, “My best memories are the years I spent in Marceline; you children are lucky to live here.” The Spirit of Mickey, hosted by the Walt Disney Company in 1998, along with personal appearances by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy and nearly 20,000 fans. The film ran continuously for six full days. Today you can see first run movies in this beautifully restored theatre five nights a week.


And, make the most of your visit to Marceline by booking your accommodations at the Uptown Bed & Breakfast located above the theater on Main Street USA. Choose from five themed rooms, including the Walt Disney Suite, the Americana Mickey Room, the Santa Fe Room, the Winnie the Pooh Room and the Toonfest Room.