TDC#275 The New Mickey Cartoons and @$*&! MDE

This week we talk the new Disney Mickey shorts, thanks to the suggestion of friend Grim Noir. Then we share our recent experiences with My Disney Experience. Hope to see some of you at the “F the (Old) Main Street Bakery (and the Coffee Mate Too)” meet on Saturday, December 7th at 2pm – first 5 get a coffee beverage from TDC and we’ve no idea what to do if you show up covered in tinfoil.

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TDC #267: Reunion Again!

All three of us making sad faces.

Why isn’t it Reunion NOW???? Why do we have to wait so LONG????

The initial set of meets has been announced, and we are excited!

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And if you wonder why we’re swearing about the Main Street Bakery, this show from our archives makes it all clear.

TDC#227 Reunited And It Feels So Good*



This week we return triumphant with the first part of 2 weeks worth of trip reports from Reunion 2012. The Watchamacallit is with us this week as we recount their day at Magic Kingdom before Cat#2 got to town and Meal. Of. Fortune.

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A big shout out to the guys at WDW Today (who are awesome), all the podcasters/bloggers we got to say hi to and of course, our fellow Disney geeks, there to revel in the magic and remind us that, just because you are sharing a room with your friend, that doesn’t mean you are sleeping together (not that there is anything wrong with that).


*It seems to me that “and” shouldn’t be capitalized but it just doesn’t look right. Should you not capitalize “it” as well? I have no idea.