TDC #141: Wedding Planning Tips

Mad Tea Party Wedding Cake

Lisa and Trace had an amazing, beautiful Disney Fairy Tale Wedding. And it took a whole lot of work to make it happen! This week, Lisa shares her tips for planning weddings, with a special (but not exclusive!) focus on Disney weddings.

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TDC#139 A DFTW* Trip Report

You didn’t think we’d let you off the hook without a long, talky trip report did you? Well, the big day has come and gone, but the memories will live on forever – it may just seem like forever, though, while Trace and Cat #2 discuss the recent WeddingFest on this weeks show…..


And you ARE keeping up on your reading, right? The 1st Book Club discussion show will happen sometime in March, and we’d love to hear from YOU! Why? Because we like YOU!



*Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

TDC 105 Tokyo Travel, Weddings and My Own Personal Oprah

In this weeks show, we are joined by the fabulous Carrie Hayward, Editor of E books at PassPorter and Author of PassPorter’s Disney Weddings & Honeymoons. We discuss weddings, travel to Paris and Carrie’s recent trip to visit Tokyo Disney Land and Sea.

You might also enjoy checking out Miss Carrie’s most beautiful wedding on her trip report on the Disboards.

photo credit~ Tokyo Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

The official Tokyo Disney Fairy Tale Weddings site can be found here. Upon further thought, I wonder if you could dress as Mulan at a Tokyo Disney wedding?

Then we follow up with some rather disturbing service monkey tales of terror. Thanks Andy – oh, and Happy Margarita Fest Anniversary! 😉

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TDC#96 Music to Wedding By

This week, the Cats are mulling over Disney wedding music choices and the Skurvy monkeys have added their 2 cents at the end of this weeks show. Lisa would love to get some offbeat wedding music suggestions from you!!! CALL US!!! our new phone number is LIVE!!


On a more serious note, please remember friend of the show, Rich O., aka wdwowner, in your thoughts and prayers as he has unexpectedly lost his beautiful wife, Cathy, to whom he donated a kidney 12 years ago, this past weekend. Hold your family members close and please consider becoming an organ donor and giving the gift of life someday.  Please consider making a donation in her memory to the Les Turner ALS Foundation. Thanks to Rich, Cathy and he had 12 wonderful years together. I know those years were worth more than any treasure on earth. We love you, Rich, and are thinking of you.

TDC#92 Bridezilla Attacks!

Last week both Cats were out of town, Jennifer in beautiful Hawaii, Lisa in Texas. Cat #2 thought she’d take the mic and ask her very own Disney Dude how she was rating thus far on the “Bridezilla Scale”. She’s sorry she asked. Is it worse to be  Disney Bridezilla or a Disney Zombie Princess?

Check out these”Disney Inspired” Fashions –

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TDC# 88 WDW Wedding Planning

photo credit -

You KNEW this one was coming, right??  This week, we devote our time a brief discussion of WDW wedding planning – specifically that of Cat #2 and her betrothed. A few of the very basic options available at the WDW Wedding Pavilion are discussed, and Cat #1 schools Lisa on the whole guest list deal. Lisa also reveals that she finds Disney weddings potentially very scary.