TDC #64 – Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing Miss Devon Dawson!!

Recognize this face?


photo credit - Stoney Burns

What about this one?


photo credit - Froggy

If you’re a Disney/Pixar fan, you will certainly recognize her voice! Where have you most likely heard the lovely voice of Miss Devon, as she is known? How about on a little project that one a Grammy for Riders In The Sky all about Woody’s Round up?Yee haa!!!


Devon’s musical career is interesting and inspiring as well. She’s dedicated her time and talents to promoting, performing and preserving Western music. Some of her projects include:

Thanks again to the gracious Miss Devon for her time, and also to Trace, Kathy and me ol’ china plate, Karen, for their encouragement in putting this show together. And, sorry the audio quality isn’t all it could be given the skype/phone interface, but man, thosed yodels sure come out loud and clear!!!!! Enjoy!!

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