TDC#24 Breakdown!

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Here, kitty kitty kitty!!  This week, Geoff Carter from Your Souvenir Guide (who has apparently snuck of to Disneyland as we speak) rejoins the Cats in an impromptu discussion of park attraction breakdowns. Seems like, between Pirates, HM and the People Mover, we’ve done more than our share of time waiting for a reboot…

After our discussion, check out some park audio featuring the Watchamacallit, Space Mountain with the lights on, cranky spirits and a safari ride from last years MouseFest! Listen closely and you may hear some of the Disney Podcasting/Meet Elite hooting and hollering (no blindfolds were used in the making of this audio).

photo credit~Trace Jennings, Official TDC Minion of MF, 2008

 In the spirit of breakdowns, Trace of Texas sent the Cats this photo (above) showing DL’s TOT haunted hallway with the lights on. This is taken from the ride vehicle looking out into that hallway that fades from waving haunted characters to twinkly lights of the twilight zone before sucking you up again for a perilous ride! Apparently, the riders were herded off the elevator car by ramp (after being admonished not to take any MORE photographs, thank you very much) but had to watch their steps as apparently the surface of the rug and floor you see are all embedded with fragile fiber optic lights! Oooooh neato!

Have you been stuck on a ride or attraction? Got any interesting photographic evidence? Write us and tell us about it! Likewise, if you want to contribute to “Poetry Corner” – send in your original verses! As always, send suggestions feedback to us at: . And do check out iTunes and leave us a big thumbs up!!


TDC #20 – Kungaloosh! Hoopla!

Photo by shammond42, found on Flickr and redistributed here through the Creative Commons License

Photo by shammond42, redistributed here through the Creative Commons License

Wasn’t it just last week we were bidding a sad farewell to DisFriends? But alas, now we say goodbye to Adventurers Club. Lisa and I are especially sad that we never went! But our friend Geoff Carter of Your Souvenir Guide was kind enough to share with us about his happy times there.

We also bring in a whole other kind of hoopla – Hyperspace Hoopla! Lisa captured some live park audio last June at Star Wars Weekends, so we can do a little hyperspace hustle.

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Photo by The Official Star Wars Blog, redistributed here through Creative Commons License

Photo by The Official Star Wars Blog, redistributed here through Creative Commons License

Now, one particular little note: Despite Jennifer’s best attempts, she did not find any evidence of the Kungaloosh Salute on YouTube! So hey, is there anybody out there willing to record a little salute from the privacy of their own home, and send us a link to the video?

And hey, as it turns out DisFriends won’t be shutting down after all: Check out this message on the site from Trent! Woo hoo! So hey, can we work a little magic here and get Adventurers Club back too?

Also following up on last week’s show….our buddy Hayden dropped me a note with a little technical tip, and I created a basic Those Darn Cats page on FaceBook. I haven’t figured out how to link to it directly…but if you’re on FaceBook, just search for Those Darn Cats and you’ll find us!

TDC #11: Disney’s California Adventure with Your Souvenir Guide

On this week’s episode, we chat about Disney’s California Adventure (and whatever else strikes our fancy) with Geoff Carter, of Your Souvenir Guide.

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Oh, and hey people…this one definitely wanders into PG-13 territory here and there, so remember, we never promised an iTunes clean rating!