TDC #221: Villains Theme Park Ideas

Jennifer and the Queen of Hearts

Jennifer facing off against a classic Disney Villain, the Queen of Hearts, in Alice’s Labyrinth at Disneyland Paris

The Watchamacallit joins us this week to discuss the Villains theme park that we wish Disney would build.

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TDC #37: Remembering a Disney Diva!

Ah, so many things to talk about in this episode! For some reason, our memories of a recently-departed Disney diva bring to mind TV shows like Batman:

and Emergency:

and last but not least, Living Single!

Because you know, we older chicks certainly do get nostalgic from time to time. But eventually, we do get around to talking about Eartha Kitt, also known as the fabulous Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove.

Has there ever been a more fabulous queen? We think not. Check this YouTube playlist if you need more evidence.

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For you BSG fans out there, yes indeed Jennifer’s dear spouse did blog about the possibility that WALL-E might be the final Cylon. No spoilers here people, no spoilers.