Flat Cats!

Send us photos of where you and your flat cats have been, and we will post them HERE!!!  Say hello to my little friend(s)!


Flat Cats cavorting with friends at the French Quarter!



Flat Cats are ready to go cruisin'!


Flat Lisa goes for the dirty martini, whilst Flat Jen sticks with the club soda! Refreshing!


Kickin' it on Castaway Cay



We all took in "Bolt" on the cruise - in Disney 3-D!


Chillin' with Pal Mickey



As you can see,  my Cat #1 wears a fetching TDC/Mickey Mouse club shirt, has a tattoo and lovely bangles as well as sensible, yet fashionable shoes (no lumbar pack today). My Cat #2 is wearing the latest in skinny jeans, ballet flats, and rocks the horizontal stripes. Where will they turn up next?


5 thoughts on “Flat Cats!

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