TDC #57: Disneyland Paris Part Deux

Cafe Hyperion

Wonderin' where the lions are?

Adam Goodger of the Disney Brit Podcast is with us again! And no, we didn’t have a meal together alongside these charming lions at Café Hyperion….though I surely wish we could have.

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Want more info on Disneyland Paris? Check out Jennifer’s trip report from September 2005, or visit the DisBoards DLRP trip planning forum. has tons of information too, especially if you’re not already somewhat familiar with the resort.

Good Morning Fantasyland

A cheering Watchamacallit, en route to Good Morning Fantasyland breakfast for French Coco Puffs

(A note about audio quality: We did manage to get the spoken tracks into mono this time, in response to your feedback. There’s a bit of roughness here and there, though, which we’re just going to have to blame on trans-Atlantic Skype packet loss. Our apologies.)