TDC #159: Disney Dogs!

Pongo from 101 Dalmations

A beautiful day at All Star Movies! (Click through for the full-size image, which works well as a computer desktop.)


Strangely enough, we Cats both have dogs. And we do so enjoy talking about dogs in Disney movies!

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Also, a shameless plug: Jennifer and her family will be presenting a number of panels next month at ConnectiCon, a wonderfully geeky convention in Hartford Connecticut, July 8-10 2011. Disney geeks should be particularly interested in the Watchamacallit’s panel on Ub Iwersk, and there’s plenty of other good stuff too. If you’re going to be there, say hello!


6 thoughts on “TDC #159: Disney Dogs!

  1. Jennifer, I am sending you the receipt for my new laptop as my old one was just destroyed by me spewing soda when you mentioned a Dungeons and Dragons alignment Analysis for Percy in Pocahontas.

    Love it.

  2. Been listening to the Cats for a long time, but had never posted before. This one, though, gave me no choice *grin*.

    Trace, Trace, Trace…how could you not know that the “I’m the leader, I’m the one who says when it’s time to charge…” is not from Fox and the Hound, but is Napoleon from The Aristocats! My wife and I were doing the head-desk thing repeatedly! Also, Napoleon (and his sidekick, Lafayette) weren’t really bad guys. They did, however, make life miserable for the REAL bad guy, Edgar. We’re usually not dog fans, but we could definitely cheer for those two!

    • in trace’s defense, we both went “wait a minute!”, oh about 5 minutes after we finished recording…. :-p

      thanks for commenting!

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