TDCs#36 – Cruisefest!

Listen in this week as the Cats introduce a few audio bits from Lisa’s recent Wonder cruise – there’s dinner at Palo’s, then the balmy sounds of island breezes and steel drums as Lisa makes her way out to the “adult” side of Castaway Cay!

We’ll also here briefly from Tracey and Scott from the Disney, Indiana Podcast (Hoosier momma?) and Wayne and Trace, the Disney Dudes . Meow!


5 thoughts on “TDCs#36 – Cruisefest!

  1. Lisa, did you really talk to yourself throughout your dinner at Palo? At first I assumed that you were having dinner with somebody else, but when Sebastian started asking, I must admit I started laughing a little, mostly because Sebatian was our server at Palo last summer so I could visualize that entire conversation. BTW, we really enjoyed Sebastian’s service for our dinner; I think that any food sounds better when presented with that accent!

    Oh, also, don’t worry about messing up any “Welcome Aboard” announcements, what usually happens is that as you enter the ship there’s a man with a microphone (doing the announcing) and you just tell him your family name and then he announces it right there. If you weren’t there, you didn’t get announced.

    Great show!

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