TDC #62 PDA Redux aka Bow Chicka Bow Wow

TDC graphjam

IT”S BACK!! Our original PDA (Episode #3 if you didn’t know) show remains our most to downloaded to date – go figure…. In light of events of the past year, Jennifer seeks to discover if Lisa’s strong opinions about PDA in the parks have changed. Some adaptations have been made by Cat #2, but she remains respectful of the Mouse at all times. That is not a euphemism for anything. Additionally, Lisa has put together a revamped remix of Janet Jackson’s Escapade – a Disneyland Escapade if you will! And she doesn’t sing on this one, so you’re safe!

Other tangents include (do keep up, won’t you?):

  • Centaurs and Old Spice (not Axe) 
  • Cringeworthy memories from the 8th grade
  • The Savage LoveCast (listen and you will know the answer to “Why Centaurs?” – try episode #131 as a summary –  and how to get your own Adam and Eve discount!)
  • Queens in the Kingdom – we refer yet again to this great book – pick it up! And consider using Jennifer’s Amazon link to purchase it or other great Disney pics!

1 thought on “TDC #62 PDA Redux aka Bow Chicka Bow Wow

  1. And now we know that the fear of PDA started with:
    Adam & Eve
    A Federal search & seizure
    and Fleetwood Mac

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