TDC#24 Breakdown!

NOTE: Upon listening to the posted version, mine was missing about 2 minutes off the end of the podcast. I am reposting now, so if you experience techincal difficulties, try down loading again! Sorry!!


Here, kitty kitty kitty!!  This week, Geoff Carter from Your Souvenir Guide (who has apparently snuck of to Disneyland as we speak) rejoins the Cats in an impromptu discussion of park attraction breakdowns. Seems like, between Pirates, HM and the People Mover, we’ve done more than our share of time waiting for a reboot…

After our discussion, check out some park audio featuring the Watchamacallit, Space Mountain with the lights on, cranky spirits and a safari ride from last years MouseFest! Listen closely and you may hear some of the Disney Podcasting/Meet Elite hooting and hollering (no blindfolds were used in the making of this audio).

photo credit~Trace Jennings, Official TDC Minion of MF, 2008

 In the spirit of breakdowns, Trace of Texas sent the Cats this photo (above) showing DL’s TOT haunted hallway with the lights on. This is taken from the ride vehicle looking out into that hallway that fades from waving haunted characters to twinkly lights of the twilight zone before sucking you up again for a perilous ride! Apparently, the riders were herded off the elevator car by ramp (after being admonished not to take any MORE photographs, thank you very much) but had to watch their steps as apparently the surface of the rug and floor you see are all embedded with fragile fiber optic lights! Oooooh neato!

Have you been stuck on a ride or attraction? Got any interesting photographic evidence? Write us and tell us about it! Likewise, if you want to contribute to “Poetry Corner” – send in your original verses! As always, send suggestions feedback to us at: . And do check out iTunes and leave us a big thumbs up!!


5 thoughts on “TDC#24 Breakdown!

  1. OK Cats, great show, BUT I have an issue with a statement you made during the show.

    DL Space Mountain IS NOT superior to WDW Space Mountain!!!!

    WDW SP has great drops, turns left AND right multiple times, and the inline seating is much better than sitting in pairs. DL SP makes the same turn (I cannot remember if it is left or right) for the entire ride except for the last turn, you keep sliding into the person sitting next to you. Yes the music is cool, but hearing the sounds of the roller coaster, the clicking of the safety bar and the screaming girls inside the mountain is pure background ambiance at its best. The star tunnel pictures, music and the post show in WDW takes the entire experience to another level of space travel.

    If I want music on a roller coaster I will go in Rockin Roller Coaster.

    Yes it may not be the smoothest ride in a Disney park, but overall is far surpasses any other SP in a Disney park.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. I’m so behind in listening to my podcasts (due to Marching Band season, who knew it was soooooo time consuming). Anyways, I recently was evacuated off of 2 rides (during my last two visits at the end of September and early October). The first one was Roger Rabbit’s Toon Town Spin. The second was….Indiana Jones! Yes, it was really cool to walk through the ride (we broke down about 20 feet past that main bridge). We were even allowed to take pictures (unfortunately my camera battery was dead, but I got a few with my phone). It did de-mystify certain effects. Very fun (for us). I’m sure for people who have never been on the ride it was slighly less enjoyable!

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